Resident Info


Your fire number is important if you need emergency services. Please ensure your fire number sign is visible from the road.  If you would like to order a replacement "red" fire number sign, please visit the Lincoln County Land Services website (  Select "Documents" and under "Rural Addressing" you will find a Rural Address Application document that you can print and use to request a replacement sign ($25), or to apply for a new address if your property doesn't currently have one ($50).  The Address Sign Posting Information document provides all the necessary information regarding how and where to post your sign.  Questions can be directed to the Lincoln County Land Services office at (715)539-1049.


Issues such as storm damage or hazards that are encountered on any town road, can be reported to the Town Chairman (715)453-4797 or one of the Town Supervisors (715)966-6485 or (262)844-3691.


Weight limits on roads within our township usually go into effect for several weeks sometime in March, depending on weather conditions.  For information on town road limits, contact the Town Chairman at (715)453-4797.  For information on county road limits, contact the Lincoln County Highway Department at (715)539-2500 or visit their website ( and check the Announcements section for dates and limits.


All town roads and County Road CC are open to ATV/UTV travel.  Please take note of all posted speed limit signs and remain on the traveled portion of the road.  Trail and road maps for the area are available from the Tomahawk Trail Seekers ATV Club and can also be found at many local stores and establishments.  For information on membership to the Club, please see their Facebook page - Somo Area ATV Club, soon to be changed to Tomahawk Trail Seekers ATV Club.


Ordinance 2005-01 (Somo Lake)

No person shall operate a personal watercraft or motorboat towing a person on water skis, aquaplane or similar device or engage in waterskiing or similar activity EXCEPT during the local hours of:

10am-6pm Sunday through Thursday and 10am-7pm Friday and Saturday

No person shall operate a motorboat, personal watercraft within a No Boating area marked with buoys and ropes as a designated swimming area.  Designated swimming areas on Somo Lake include Co-Op Park, Somo Beach Resort, Somo View Resort, and Tomahawk Lodge Condo Association.

Ordinance 2021-01 (REVISED 1995-1) (Somo River)

No wake ordinance.


The only public boat landing providing limited access (small boats, canoes, kayaks, etc.) to Somo Lake is on Penny Lake off Forrester Road.

The boat landings on Somo Lake off County Road CC (between Somo View Resort and the Tomahawk Lodge Condo Association) are private boat landings owned by Somo View Resort and the Tomahawk Lodge Condo Association.  Use of these landings is a privilege and used at your own risk.  Please be considerate of the landowners.  Do not park too close to the landings in a way that obstructs others from launching their boats.  A donation box at the landing owned by the Tomahawk Lodge Condo Association is available for contributions.


The Somo Fish & Game Club is a private club located on County Road CC.  For information on membership to the Club, please see their Facebook page - SomoFishandGame Club.  Please note that the Rifle Range at the Club is open to MEMBERS ONLY for target shooting from 11am-4pm daily.


WI STATUTE 346.94(5) Prohibits anyone from plowing, shoveling, or blowing snow onto a road.  The penalty for violating this statute is $50 for each offense.  This includes filling ditches with compacted snow.


If your residential or commercial property received any damages from the recent storm, report it by calling 2-1-1.  There is currently no funding assistance for recent storm damage, but this will help Lincoln County evaluate the full extent of damages.