Permits & Licenses


The Town of Wilson has adopted Lincoln County Zoning and Shoreland Zoning ordinances.  Permits are required before any work can be started.

Permits issued by the Lincoln County Zoning Department include, but are not limited to:

Land Use, Soil Disturbance, Shoreland Zoning, Conditional Use, Sanitary etc.

For more information on the type of permit(s) you may need for your project, visit the Lincoln County Land Services website ( or call the Zoning office at (715)539-1087.

Permits issued by the Town of Wilson Building Inspector include:

New Construction (1&2 Family Dwellings) $475
Modular and Manufactured Homes $400
Building Additions (over $50,000) $350

Contact the Town of Wilson Building Inspector, Dave Hilgendorf  at (715)453-3211 or (715)966-0930 or email Dave at [email protected].

Permits issued by the Town of Wilson include:

Town Road Driveway Permit $100

Contact the Town Chairman (715)453-4797 or the Town Clerk (715)453-6090

Permits issued by the  Lincoln County Highway Department include:

County Road, Wisconsin State Highway or US Highway Driveway Permit

Visit the Lincoln County Highway Department website ( for information, fees, and permit forms, or call the Highway Department at (715)539-2500.

***Applies to any Driveway Permit**

A driveway permit must be issued prior to applying for an assigned address (fire number).  Contact the Town Chairman at (715)453-4797 for an application for a driveway permit.  Visit the Home Page, Resident Info section of this website for more information on how to obtain the address from Lincoln County.



Burning permits are now issued by the Wisconsin DNR.  Please visit the website ( for information on burning requirements and permits or call the DNR at (888)WIS-BURN (947-2876).  Permits can also be obtained at the LeMay Forestry Center at 518 W. Somo Avenue or by calling the Center at (715)453-2188, however their hours are varied.



Licensing is required for the sale of alcoholic beverages.  Establishment/Organization and Server licenses can be obtained from the Town Clerk (715)453-6090.  Rates vary based on the type of establishment or organization.  Server licenses are $10 per person.  For those that haven't completed their "Responsible Beverage Server Training" course, a temporary server license is available for a term of 1-14 days.  Temporary server licenses are $5 per person.